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„Senzačne“ Architektonická kreativita

Čas: 2013-12-12 Počet zobrazení: 15

The 1911 Revolution Museum has a total construction area of 22,000 ㎡. In this project, Belinda uses 12,400 ㎡ of curtain wall panels with natural stone texture on the surface, 200mm of plate concavity and convexity control, 700㎡ of single mold area, and photocatalyst surface treatment technology is applied to the GFRC of the external wall, which makes the GFRC have the self-cleaning characteristics of being as good as new for a long time. The overall design of the building combines the traditional Chinese architectural style and modern expression techniques. Under the contrast of the bright "Chu Red" primary color, it highlights the "groundbreaking" architectural creativity and demonstrates the epoch-making historical achievements of the 1911 Revolution.

As part of the protection and rehabilitation project of the ancient city of Wuchang, it will assume the functions of storage of cultural relics of the 1911 Revolution, exhibition of the history of the 1911 Revolution, research of Wuhan's modern history, academic exchanges and comprehensive services, etc. upon completion, becoming an important place for the "centennial celebration of the 1911 Revolution", an important base for revolutionary tradition education and a new urban landscape embodying Wuhan's spirit.