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Beilida buduje panele ścienne kurtynowe GFRC dla młodzieżowego centrum olimpijskiego w Nankinie

Czas: 2012-12-05 Trafienia: 42

Nanjing Youth Olympic Center project at east of Jianye district, Nanjing City, face to the lake. This project design from Zaha Hadid, the center looks like a space sailing, it means “young people sail far and wide”. This project is the hardest of supporting buildings for the Youth Olympic Center. The project covers a total area of 52000m2, the building area is about 480000m².

The main building is clad in 110000m2 of GFRC, fully demonstrating the sculpture and expressiveness of the GRC in this project. This project will be the most modern landmark building in Nanjing when it can be completed.