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GRG akoestisch paneel

Plaats van herkomst:Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Model nummer:GRC acoustic panel


GRG is fully known in Chinese as pre-cast GlassFibre Renforcd Gypsum. It is a new type of pre-cast decorative material made of superior natural modified gypsum as base material and added with special reinforced glass fiber for gypsum and micro-amount of modified additives. The randomness of its shape makes it the first choice for architects who require personalization. Its unique material composition is sufficient to resist damage, deformation and cracking caused by the external environment. This kind of material can be made into various flat panels, various functional products and various artistic forms, and is currently the most popular replacement product in the decoration field of building materials in the world.

GRG adheres to the principle of making thin but not thick. Bionic rate+sound transmission rate+sound absorption rate =1, achieving the acoustic effect of lingering sound winding beam.

Quick Detail:

1. Geen vervorming

As GRG main material gypsum does not have any corrosive effect on glass fibers, and the dry-wet shrinkage rate is less than 0.01%, the product can be ensured to have stable performance, durability, no cracking, no deformation and long service life.

2. Lichtgewicht

The standard thickness of the flat part of GRG products is 3.2 to 8.8MM (it can be thickened for special requirements), and the weight per square meter is only 4.9 to 9.8KG, which can reduce the weight of the main building and the load of components.

3. Grote sterkte

Experiments show that the fracture load of GRG products is more than 1200N, which is 10 times higher than the fracture load of 118N of international JC/T799-1998(1996) decorative gypsum board.

4. Ademen

GRG plate is a plate with a large number of micropores. In the natural environment, the porous body can absorb or release water. When the indoor temperature is high and the humidity is low, the board gradually releases the moisture in the micropores; When the indoor temperature is low and the humidity is high, it will absorb the moisture in the air. This release and breathing form the "breathing" effect. This cyclic change of moisture absorption and release plays a role in adjusting the indoor relative temperature and creates a comfortable microclimate for the working and living environment.

5. Fire prevention

GRG material belongs to Class A fireproof material. When a fire occurs, GRG material can not only be flame retardant, but also release 15% to 20% of its own weight of water, which can greatly reduce the temperature of the ignition surface and reduce the fire loss.

6. Milieubescherming

GRG material has no odor, and the limit of radionuclide conforms to the standard of Class A decorative materials specified in GB6566-2001. And belongs to green and environment-friendly materials.

7. Good acoustic effect

The test results show that the GRG material with a thickness of 4MM penetrates 500 Hz 23 d 100 Hz 27 db. The air-dry specific gravity is 1.75, which meets the requirements of professional acoustic reflection. Through good modeling design, a good sound absorption structure can be formed to achieve sound insulation and sound absorption.

8. Short processing cycle

The demoulding time of GRG products only takes 30 minutes and the drying time only takes 4 hours. Therefore, the construction period can be greatly shortened.

9. Convenient construction

GRG can be shaped arbitrarily according to the designer's design, and can be produced and divided in large blocks. On-site processing performance is good, installation is quick and flexible, and large-area seamless assembly can be carried out to form a complete shape. Especially for the hole, arc, corner and other fine points, can ensure that there is no error.

10. The surface of the material is smooth and delicate.

The whiteness reaches more than 85%, and can be well bonded with various coatings and surface decoration materials to form excellent decoration effect.

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