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Celebrate calorosamente il successo di Beilida nella mostra internazionale di decorazione architettonica della Cina (Nanchino) !!!

Tempo: 2013-11-12 Colpi : 32

Beilida as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province, Undertaking the international "tenth five-year plan", "eleventh five-year plan" scientific and technological key projects, the national torch plan and other major scientific research projects, in jiangsu province new wall material association strongly recommended, was invited to participate in the exhibition.

Vice major of Nanjing city, district committee secretary of Jianye district, secretary general of China building decoration association and relevant leader visited the exhibition area of Beilida.

After visiting the exhibition area of Beilida, the leaders gave high praise to Beilida and hoped that in the future development, Beilida would continue to carry forward the spirit of research and development.