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Ximnasio do colexio norte de Zhangjiakou

Tempo: 2020-04-10 Golpea : 18

Zhangjiakou Northern College GymnasiumZhangjiakou Northern College Gymnasium has a total investment of 261 million yuan, with a building area of 26,300㎡, and a more than 10,000㎡ flat GRC exterior wall decoration. The project has a large volume and a single piece of GRC product exceeds 9m. The design of the stadium is inspired by the folk art paper-cut from Zhangjiakou. The main color is as white as ice and snow. It can also be regarded as a waiting white paper. The side pages around it seem to be cut open with a scissors and form a three-dimensional "lantern" model through the torsion. It is simple and quick, extremely tension and shocking. When people walk around the building, the building presents a vivid picture that changes with the light and shade angle. Based on its design and modeling, GRC achieves the effect of visual change through the reflection of light from 204 identical twisted plates. As the foundation project of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, it is also the first Olympic bid fund project in Hebei province. Its beautiful appearance and unique design attract the eyes of the world.

Design:Tianjin University Research Institute of Architechtural Design & Urban PlanningZhangbo

GRC volume:12,000㎡