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Beilida was founded in 1999 with a registered capital of 46 million yuan.It has production and manufacturing bases in major economic regions of the country, with 340,000 square meters of factory buildings and more than 400 employees.With an annual sales volume of over 500 million yuan, it is one of the international large-scale professional GRC/UHPC/GRG/FRP/TCP processing and construction enterprises with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million square meters.It is an international GRCA certified unit, China GRC vice chairman unit and GRC quality industry standard drafting unit.Beilida is an industrial, professional, mechanized, intelligent and information-based company that integrates research and development, design, manufacturing, installation and service into a new GRC and UHPC building envelope structure and multi-functional composite integrated wall materials.

Beilida through deep research and development and innovation, the use of microwave technology, nano technology, a variety of hybrid fiber technology, 3 d printing technology, intelligent robot, etc. New technology, successfully developed the functionality, intelligent, environmental protection, new building materials GRC, changed the traditional mode of production and construction installation, successfully used in domestic large buildings, high-rise public venues - nanjing youth Olympic center, changsha mei sihu culture and art center, the Macao Venetian hotel, changzhou dino water town, tangshan third space, yinchuan, wuhan xinhai revolution memorial hall, qian xuesen memorial museum, etc.;Overseas projects include American saipan entertainment resort, Algerian mosque, Qatar pearl group, etc. UHPC projects such as Shanghai conservatory of music, shenzhen yuecai city and yuhang grand theater are widely used in various fields of architecture, becoming the model and pioneer of Chinese construction enterprises and the brand name of GRC industry.

In 2008, biraeta was awarded outstanding enterprise by the international GRC association, and in 2015, biraeta was awarded the global GRC industry champion award by the international GRC association.


Nanjing BeiLiDa New Materials System Engineering Co., Ltd.

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