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Vier die sukses van die topmuurforum vir gordynmuur (Sjanghai) hartlik!

Tyd: 2013-11-22 Treffers: 19

Die gordynmuurontwerp (Sjanghai) se beraadforum "ontwerp en navorsing van hoë gebou-gordynmure" wat saamgewerk word deur die moderne stedelike argitektoniese ontwerpinstituut in Oos-China, argitektoniese ontwerp en navorsingsinstituut co., Ltd., Die vereniging van China vir gebou gordynmuur- en raamkundiges en die tydskrif vir boukuns is op 16 November 2013 suksesvol in die wetenskapsaal in Shanghai afgesluit.

This summit brings together curtain wall experts, architects and designers at home and abroad to discuss in depth the future development trend of high-end building curtain wall design. The conference attended by more than 500 people is also the largest special summit in China. As a co-organizer, our company has achieved good results in both corporate publicity and talent learning.

During the summit, the participants discussed the curtain wall's thinking on building development through new thinking, multi-perspective and cross-field discussions and interactions, deeply analyzed the current situation and development trend of the curtain wall industry, and gave a detailed analysis from the material technology based on specific engineering cases. The main topics include: "Conceptual Design of Architectural Curtain Wall", "Development and Evolution of Shanghai Architecture", "Design and Construction of External Curtain Wall of People's Daily New Building", "Non-linear Architectural Curtain Wall Roof", "Design and Construction of Complex Shape Projects", "Application of Rhino and BIM Software in Complex Shape", etc. On non-linear architecture, the lecture report on digital technology mentioned our company's project many times and gave high affirmation. Professor Long Wenzhi of China Building Curtain Wall Door and Window Expert Design Association, taking Tianjin Port Project of our company as an example, emphatically introduces the application of GRC non-linear building curtain wall materials.

Chen Wei, technical director of our company, was also a guest speaker and gave a speech on "GRC skin makes architecture beautiful". This speech has attracted many people in the industry to pay attention to GRC and belinda.

The report points out that GRC, as the most growing high-performance composite inorganic curtain wall material in the 21st century, has become a skin material with distinctive characteristics of the times due to its thin shell molding, super-large specifications, flexible joints, arbitrary molding and 50-year technical guarantee route, as well as its green and low-carbon technology and application advantages.

During the summit, designers, architects and curtain wall experts showed great interest in the materials of Belinda and GRC. This is also in line with the significance of the company's participation in this activity: it has urged belida to continuously promote new materials and technologies, build energy-saving and low-carbon curtain wall systems, create a high-end quality environment, and become the world's leading "E-GRC" green ecological maintenance system service provider.

I would also like to thank the organizers for giving belinda a platform to display new products and technologies. I believe belinda will be recognized by more people from all walks of life, contributing to the construction industry's curtain wall system, creating a beautiful environment, leading the GRC industry to a new height, and making belinda a dazzling new star in the curtain wall industry!