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Prefabricated envelope panel

Place of Origin:Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Brand Name:Beildia
Model Number:Prefabricated envelope panel


With the development of modern industrial technology, building houses can be made in batches and in sets like machine production.  As long as the prefabricated building components are transported to the construction site and assembled.

Prefabricated buildings began to arouse people's interest in the early 20th century and finally came true in the 1960s.  Britain, France, the Soviet Union and other countries made the first attempt.  Due to the fast construction speed and low production cost of prefabricated buildings, they are rapidly popularized all over the world.

The appearance of the early fabricated buildings was rather rigid and uniform.  Later, people made improvements in design, increasing flexibility and diversity, so that prefabricated buildings can be built not only in batches, but also in rich styles.

Quick Detail:

I. Functions and Advantages of GRC Assembled Exterior Protection Buildings

 GRC peripheral products can be diversified in moldability, shape, color, texture, etc.

1. The peripheral protection structure includes: exterior wall, roof, side window, exterior door, etc.

2. The peripheral structure is used for the integration of exterior facade decoration and heat preservation to resist wind and rain, temperature changes, solar radiation, etc.

3. Function: It has the properties of heat preservation, heat insulation, waterproof, moisture proof, fire resistance, durability, self-cleaning, etc.

4. It can be divided into single-bay enclosure structure and multi-bay integrated enclosure structure.

5. It can be divided into single-layer mechanism system and multi-layer composite structure system.  The outer layer is a protective layer, the middle uses a self-spraying heat preservation material, and the inner layer is an inner surface layer.

6. Each layer uses skeleton as supporting structure or reinforced inner protective layer as supporting structure;

The main functions and advantages of GRC fabricated buildings are:

(1) Diversified design.

At present, the residential design is out of touch with the housing demand, with many load-bearing walls, small space, dead separation, and the space in the room cannot be flexibly divided.  However, prefabricated houses can be divided into small rooms in halls or large rooms in small halls according to the needs of residents.  One of the core problems of flexible large rooms in residential buildings is to have matching light partition walls. GRC, GRG, GRP and other new materials are precisely the best materials for exterior wall panels, partition walls, suspended ceilings and interior wall decoration.

(2) Functional modernization

PC-GRC fabricated buildings have the following functions:

1. Environmental protection and no pollution. The wall has the functions of self-cleaning and air purification.

2. The energy-saving exterior wall has a thermal insulation layer to maximize heating in winter and reduce energy consumption of air conditioning in summer;

3. Sound insulation improves the sealing function of walls and doors and windows. Thermal insulation materials have sound absorption function, so as to provide a quiet environment in the room and avoid the interference of external noise.

4. Fire prevention and flame retardant to prevent the spread or spread of fire;

5. Aseismic reduction of building weight and increase of fabricated flexible connections;

6. Beautiful appearance does not require luxury, but the facade is clear and distinctive, and will not crack, deform or fade after long-term use.

7. Good expansibility provides favorable conditions for kitchen and toilet to be equipped with various sanitary facilities;

8. Good extensibility to increase the possibility of creating new electrical equipment, communication equipment, energy-saving equipment, etc.

(3) manufacturing factory

It is very difficult for the exterior surface of traditional buildings to produce various beautiful patterns depending on site construction, and the painted color paint will not show color difference and will not fade for a long time.  However, GRC fabricated building exterior wall panels can easily do this through mold, mechanical spraying, nanotechnology, microwave baking technology and other technologies.  Bulk insulation materials are completely replaced by PC-GRC insulation integrated materials;  Roof trusses, light steel joists, various metal hangers and connectors are all mechanized production with accurate dimensions.  Floor and roof panels are also prefabricated in factories for convenience of construction.  Indoor materials such as gypsum board, floor covering materials, ceiling hanging boards and the like can only be manufactured through complicated production lines.  Besides, in the production process of the factory, the performance indexes of the materials such as strength, fire resistance, frost resistance, moisture resistance, sound insulation and heat preservation can be controlled at any time.

The house is regarded as a large equipment, and modern PC-GRC building materials are the components of this equipment.  The quality of these parts can be guaranteed through strict industrial production, and the assembled house can meet the functional requirements.

(4) the construction assembly

Since the self-importance of PC-GRC assembled buildings is reduced by half compared with that of traditional buildings, the foundation is simplified.  After the prefabricated building components are delivered to the factory, the workers at the site assemble them according to the drawings. The large-scale wet operations such as mud, plastering and wall building will no longer appear on the site.  PC-GRC assembly construction has the following advantages:

1. Fast progress, can be delivered in a short period of time;

2. The labor force is reduced, and cross operations are convenient and orderly;

3. Each working procedure can check the accuracy like the equipment installation to ensure the quality;

4. The construction site has low noise, less bulk materials and less waste and wastewater discharge, which is beneficial to environmental protection;

5. The construction cost is reduced.

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