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GRC Wormhole effect

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GRC Wormhole effect

Place of Origin:Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Brand Name:Beildia
Model Number:GRC wormhole


GRC (Glass fiber reinforced concrete) use cement mortar as the base material, and use alkali-resistant glass fiber reinforce GRC performance. The manufacturing process of GRC is kind of special. Use airbrush to spray a mixture of cement and glass fiber into a prefabricate mold, it can improve the compactness, strength, and crack resistance of the product while ensuring the texture of the material. 

The quality of the product thus produced is quite different from that of the ordinary concrete daubing process.  In Europe and America, single-layer GFRC sheet is widely used as exterior wall decorative board.

Production process:

Performance indicators:

PerformanceIndicator requirements
Bending proportional ultimate strength /MPaAverage value7
Single block minimum6.2
Ultimate bending strength /MPaAverage value18
Single block minimum15
Impact strength /kJ/M28
Volume density (dry) /g/cm31.8
Water absorption14
Freezing resistanceAfter 25 freeze-thaw cycles, there was no delamination, spalling and other damage phenomena.

Quick Detail:

1. High plasticity.  Make full use of the digital three-dimensional ground modeling technology, so that the product can accurately position the modeling, and at the same time can express the architectural decoration effect and appearance characteristics in any color, modeling or texture.

2. Excellent surface protection performance.  By adopting a comprehensive protection system, the anti-fouling and self-cleaning function is realized while the surface waterproof function of the product is ensured, and the durability of the architectural appearance decoration effect is improved.

3. Excellent durability.  High elastic PVA fiber is used as a supplementary reinforcing material for GRC structural layer, and PP fiber is assisted to improve the microcracking resistance of the surface layer, thus improving the durability of products and prolonging the service life of buildings.

4. Light and thin wall.  The invention can realize the characteristics of large plates and thin walls, greatly reduce the load-bearing of buildings, enable products to be applied to the outer walls of high-rise buildings, enable building shapes to be flexible and have prominent overall texture.

Energy conservation and emission reduction: compared with other enclosure structures, GRC consumes less energy in the process of manufacturing and installation. Japanese scholars have done a comparison of carbon emissions between GRC wallboard and reinforced concrete wallboard, and the use of GRC wallboard can reduce carbon emissions by 30%.

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