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Integrated Panel Of Prefabricated

Place of Origin:Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Brand Name:Beildia
Model Number:Integrated Panel Of Prefabricated


Industrial standard plate (easy-to-construct plate) is an ultra-high strength cement-based material with high strength, high toughness and high and low porosity. Its basic preparation principle is to minimize the porosity and microcracks in the material by improving the fineness and activity of tissue components and not using coarse aggregate, so as to obtain ultra-high strength and high durability.  Excellent performance, light weight structure, no need of steel bars and other supports, thinner interface, longer span, light weight and elegance, and more innovation.  Industrialized standard plates (easy-to-construct plates) are ultra-high performance concrete plates with standard specifications and sizes produced by automated production lines meeting production requirements using UHPC raw materials and high-strength GRC raw materials. The main forms include but are not limited to flat plates and solid plates. According to the requirements of engineering projects applied to standard plates, flat plates can have a hollowing-out rate of simple shapes, while plates with an appropriate proportion (20%~30%) can have certain curves or shapes.  Industrialized standard board (easy-to-construct board) is a new type of standardized "stone" produced by the company through production lines after years of research and development.  The material is environment-friendly and radiation-free, and is a decorative plate that takes nature, restores nature and transcends nature.  Can be used for building exterior walls, interior decorative panels, etc.  Because of its high strength, high wear resistance, high durability, large plate specifications and other characteristics, Beilida has developed a variety of safe, simple and fast installation systems to meet the various needs of the project.  Industrialized standard board (easy-to-construct board) is a product developed by BILIDA for building standardization assembly line, which meets various needs of buildings.  By combining the cutting-edge numerical control technology in the world, the building is no longer limited to simple surface materials, and the form of the building is more changeable.  Industrialized standard boards (easy-to-construct boards) provide infinite possibilities for future buildings and are the basic materials for future buildings.

Quick Detail:

Propertiesft Characteristics


Aluminium Veneer




60 - 100kg/rtf

10 - lfikg/nf

35 - 8Ckg/rrf

30 - 7Ckg/nf


Mainly flat mre difficult

to proce&fi irregular and curved panel, very oostly

Slit to flat ani m peneL diffiailt in aoulding ccaplex prof ile and hypexboloid surfAoe

Mold sh4)ing»can realize all kinds of complex shapes and hypeiboloid

Ifold Shaping, ctti realize all kinds of complex shapes and hypexboloid


Sttllsiz^ sirgle panel arm < Ini2

ifedfaM size, skgle panel area <2rrf

Large size, single panel t4)to4ffn2 or Above

Lar^ sis» sirgle pttsl < Drr?

Surface Texture



Textured and Colcrftil

Textured and CokrfUl

Environmental Protection

Nm-renmble resource^ hftraRil toenvircnent

High fflergr-consuapt im in production and processing* polluted

Low energy-eonsuBpt i on in jvoductia^ n»-polluti«

Lor ene rgy-conaumpt ion inproducticn, n»-polhitim

Sat ety (Failure Status)

Fragile^ brittle failure without warning

Easy to deforat have ductile foilure

(bod duct not e&sy todefttM hare omfen ductile failure

(bod duct not e&sy teve ductile lure


Nstuml aftorial .gmddtnHUty

ifetelUc mtarial^MngednbHity

frtttdmtilifiarYfaelifeq)to 200years

Inxffffic BStarial gxddxEability

Fixing Method

Dry hanging/back bolt


Dry hanging/back bolt/back steel fraw cefinectim

Dry hanging/back bolt/back steel fran cawectim



Class A

Class A

Class A

Mxhilus of Elasticity





Modulus of Rupture




N ISiPa. Good ductility

Poisson Ratio

a 12&




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